Rise Up’s participant-centered advocacy model amplifies the voices and power of girls, youth, and women through storytelling. We enable them to use video to tell personal stories of their lives and work, and we amplify their voices with a broad digital audience. Central to our model is our digital storytelling workshop, where Rise Up leaders choose which stories they want to tell, create their own story boards, learn to film and photograph, and edit their own pieces. The final product is a piece is a piece that girls, youth and women can use in their advocacy work, that resonates with decision-makers. PODER, a film about two Guatemalan girls’ fight to transform their community, is a powerful example of Rise Up’s storytelling.

TED Talk: A Warrior’s Cry Against Child Marriage

The effects of child marriage and other practices on adolescent girls in Malawi

[blog] WhatsApp as a Medium to Inform Audiences of Love Matters

PODER: Two Mayan girls fought for their rights to attend school, and won.

[blog] Raising my Voice for Ethiopia

A 16-year-old girl in Guatemala tells her story of abandonment, family, and perseverance

The story of 19-year-old Oretha Yeagan who dropped out of the 6th grade

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[blog] Girls: the World’s Greatest Return on Investment

Watch how
HOPE & THINK advocated for the passage of the national Children’s Act in Liberia

In October 2014, six women from around Malawi participated in an intensive six-day workshop on media advocacy.

[blog] Where are the Girls?

2011 LGL Fellow Rebeca Esther Perez describes her work with CEIPA in Guatemala

A 14-year-old Guatemalan girl rises above troubles at home to pursue and excel at her music

An 18-year-old girl in Bweyogere Kuinya, Uganda, shows us the power of hope

Shennel is developing the Manifesto for the Development & Empowerment of the Liberian Girl Child.

An 18-year-old girl in Chiradzulu, Malawi wants to be a leader to help her fellow girls realize
their power.

[blog] Rise Up’s
Denise Dunning highlights key themes from the United State of Women Summit in June 2016.

“I became a leader when I asked the question why?”

–16-year-old girl: Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

“I work hard…to break the cycle of poverty currently coiled in my family.”

–15-year-old girl: Kanongo Uganda

[blog] YOSPIS:
Promoting the social well-being of young people, including women of reproductive age

Hear the voices and perspectives of some inspiring girl leaders from Guatemala!


Rhythm of Life empowers leaders from the red light districts of Uganda.

Hellen highlights her work enabling Uganda girls to realize their full potential.

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[blog] Executive Director Denise Dunning share the dangers she faced with her third pregnancy.

[blog] Advocates improving policies for RMNCH services and access to youth-friendly SRH services

[blog] WHARC: an NGO working to promote the SRH and social well-being of women and adolescents

[blog] Advocates for access to health care for women and children of Nigeria’s prison system

[blog] A factor contributing to Nigeria’s rising crime among youth is the gap between jobs and education.

[blog] NGO dedicated to RMNCH advocacy, with a focus on family planning

Global Girls’ Conversation Video Contest – 2nd Place Winner

[blog] Strengthening key institutions and developing strategies to improve RMNCH in Nigeria

[blog] Nigeria’s leading media development organization: Development Communications Network

[blog] Empowers adolescent girls to enjoy their SRHR and achieve their full potential

[blog] Dedicated to empowering rural people though education

[blog] Promotes young people’s health and development to ensure success and good health in adulthood

[blog] She decided to do something about teen pregnancy after seeing her friends drop out of school.

[blog] Girl leader based in San Francisco, committed to supporting girls’ leadership around the world

Global Girls’ Conversation Video Contest – 3rd Place Winner