This campaign will expand our work with visionary young leaders around the world. With your support, we can empower young leaders in California, Central America and Africa.

Make a gift to Rise Up’s campaign today:

Sponsor young leaders in California, Central America, and Africa – Rise Up empowers young people to advocate for new laws and policies that improve the lives of girls, youth and women. We have a proven approach that integrates leadership and advocacy training, seed funding, technology and innovation.

With your donation, we will expand our US initiative to include young leaders from California, and expand our critical work in Central America and Africa. Your gift will transform the lives of these young leaders, enabling them to create large-scale social change in their communities.

Meet some of the visionary young leaders we have supported in the past:

  • Memory led a campaign to end child marriage in Malawi.
  • Monica taught youth in the US to organize for comprehensive sex education using art and dance.
  • Gayatri created a WhatsApp program to enable young people in India to learn how to prevent unwanted pregnancy and HIV/AIDS.
  • Tinbit created an animated television series in Ethiopia about girl super heroines fighting for gender equality.
  • Emelin is fighting to ensure all girls can finish school and stay healthy in Guatemala.
  • Nakita empowers young women of color in the US to become leaders who stand up against gender-based violence.

Your gift can enable more young leaders from California, Africa, and Central America to become leaders who transform their communities and countries:

  • $500 can train girls to become leaders in the fight to end child marriage in Malawi.
  • $1,000 can support girls’ education in Nigeria.
  • $2,500 can enable young leaders in California to use technology for social change.
  • $5,000 can empower an entire network of girl leaders to stand up for gender equality in Guatemala.
  • $10,000 can fund a nationwide, technology-based campaign to dramatically improve young people’s health in the US.